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We are a blog dedicated to helping you get the most out of your boat or personal watercraft. We talk you through all aspects of the hobby from letting you know what’s out there to helping you get a good deal on your watercraft, finding the right insurance and even how to enjoy yourself on the water!

Boat insurance legal requirements

There is no blanket law requiring boat owners to take out insurance before taking to the water, however most authorities will require you to take out a third party liability insurance before taking to Britain’s inland waterways. This varies from location to location, however the authorities will normally require a narrow boat on their canals to be insured for at least £1 million. Likewise, a yacht – or boats measuring over 10 metres, will generally need to have liability insurance up to at least £3 million. Jet skis and other PWCs will also require insurance to re ridden on some lakes.

Boat insurance beyond the legal requirements

Because strictly speaking boat insurance is not a legal requirement its a good idea to think not just about getting the best quote, but also to consider a reputable boat insurance provide such as Insurance 4 Boats.

If you have a canal boat

If you have a canal boat then you’ll be hard pressed to take to the waters without at least having some third party insurance – but here’s why you want more than that. You’re canal boat will be, at least for some of the year, your home. A canal boat, and the contents inside the boat, can be quite vulnerable. They may be spoiled by damp, rodents, or a breach in the hull, or they may be pinched by opportunists who see your narrow boat as a low security residence. Because of this we recommend you consider contents cover as part of your canal boat insurance.

If you have a jet ski

Much like the situation with the canal boat, whilst there is no blanket legal requirement to have insurance you will likely need it to ride your PWC in most of the areas you wish to. Beyond this you may want to consider insuring the vehicle so that friends and family can also ride the craft. Check also that the vehicle is covered for transit damage. Your car insurance will likely not cover any marine vehicle being towed behind it in the event of an accident.

If you have a yacht

A yacht is many different things to different people. To an insurance company it is a boat with a vessel longer than 10 metres. It could be a racing boat for sailing competitions, or it could be a luxury floating palace. Because of this yacht insurance will be tailored to exactly what you want and you should call your insurance provider directly to see exactly what they will be covering and what they will be charging you for.