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Boat fishing tips for beginners

If you are thinking of trying your luck at fishing, why not try your hand at boat fishing instead of fishing at the shore or the bank. Not only is it a fun water sport but with the right expertise you may soon see yourself among the professional fishers around you. Here are some boat fishing tips that will enhance your fishing skills even better and make you a pro at your boat fishing game.

Our boat fishing tips

Begin by doing research on how to go about doing boat fishing. You will find a number of books on boat fishing that will give you a first-hand theoretical knowledge which will be easier to apply once you are in the boat. Even as you are reading the guide on boat fishing activity, it is important that you understand the procedures which are nothing short of acquiring your pre-fishing skills.  You should get familiar with certain tasks such as adding your fishing bait to your hook, practicing casting your line, and tying knots before you and your boat begin to drift away in the wind.

Next you should choose the equipment that is right for you. If you are new to boat fishing it is a good idea to hire your fish tackle from the skipper who will guide you better on the equipment.  You could go for a 20 – 40 lb rod with a multiplier reel loaded with 25lb monofilament line. For boat fishing hooks you could go for Mustad Vikings. A packet of decent quality swivels with a breaking strain of around 70lb is all you need when redgilling with long traces. A selection of leads from 8oz to 2lb will be needed depending on the depth and tide. Make sure you have lures with you if you are going about fishing in the sea especially for mackerels and cods. Lures such as jelly worms and sidewinders are good to catch fish. Among other things, it is a good idea to keep with you a pair of pliers, nail clippers and knives handy along with some bait elastic.

It is important that you not only check the location but also locate the season best recommended for boat fishing. Many species can be caught all round the year. But if you are looking for specific species you might want to check the months when they are available. For instance, cod fishing is mostly done between April and October while the Mackerel shoals are fished between end of April up until October.  Make sure you are dressed suitably for the occasion. It is important to have your boots around especially as you will be staying near water at all times.  Get yourself some food as it may take a long time before you catch the first fish. You might want to carry a bug spray with you since you will be near the water among other things.


Follow our boat fishing tips and you’re sure to improve your fishing game on the water.

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