jet ski insurance

Why you need insurance for your jet ski

Have you ever fancied a nerve thrilling high-speed drive over rough waters? Well, we have a solution for your needs that will satisfy your desires for the adventure of a lifetime. That’s right, we are talking about a jet ski. A jet ski comes under the basic classification of water vehicles as a PWC (Personal Watercraft). It is basically a water jet powered craft designed to carry one to four people. These vehicles provide good means of travel within a pond/lake but are also used for amusement purposes often at beaches. We’ll explain why jet ski insurance should at least be considered.


boat insurance legal requirements

What are the rules regarding boat insurance in the UK?

Cruising in the inland waterways of United Kingdom is a dream come true but it is not an easy one to be so. There are several rules and regulations that the UK government requires a person to follow – several governmental procedures and documentations which you are required to fulfil before you have your dream come true. This article explains boat insurance legal requirements in the Uk, and is written in order for you to have a brief and concise idea of what the procedures are and how to go about the bush to catch the tail.


motor boat insurance

How to get the best deal on motor boat insurance?

With your motor boat around, don’t just look for quality and performance. It’s time you look beyond your vessel towards your safety and security. Motor boat insurance is what you need to make your marine endeavours not only safe but secured as well. A number of online and offline agencies are available offering an array of insurances to fit your budget and your needs. You need to be careful while choosing among them and off course a friendly recommendation is always helpful in cases such as these.