Our Favourite Superyacht

Are you planning to sail through the deep blue ocean in your privately owned sailing boat? Think big if you are shelling out a few extra pounds. Think superyacht!

In case you are still left wondering how to go about owning your own private luxury boat, we have the details. To begin with, a superyacht also known as a luxury yacht or a mega yacht is a privately owned sailing or motor yacht which is well over 24 metres. A decade back there was a massive growth in the number of these yachts sailing through remote areas in the Caribbean islands, in the Mediterranean as well as in the British Virgin Island waters. While most of these yachts are privately owned, some of them belong to chartered businesses. The luxury yacht charter industry is so effective because it means private yacht owners offset the running costs associated with their yachts by putting on such charters, keeping their yachts and crew in top running order. However while you will have to shell out money for its maintenance, you also require a huge crew to take care of your luxury boat. The minimum number of members in this yacht range from 8 to 10 members comprising the captain, chief engineer, first mate, chefs, crew chef, steward and stewardesses among other people.

How much is a superyacht going to cost?

Super yachts are extremely expensive and will cost you a few million pounds to begin with. Along with the price comes the maintenance cost which includes gas prices, general maintenance, salary of crew members which are a source of added expenditure to the owners.

There are a number of super yachts doing the rounds and we thought it would be a great idea to check out some to match your idea of a perfect luxury yacht. Skat is among the favourite superyachts engineered as a ship and is easily the best and most durable among yachts today. While it is sturdy on the outer front, it boasts of exquisite interiors with poised and angular lines providing a spacious feel. Although it has a somewhat military look and finish, it has an old world charm and elegance to it on the inside. If you are looking for open decks with an inside pool then the Alfa Nero is what you should consider buying. The structure is sleek with angular and hard corners. The yacht is not only spacious and huge but is also technically advanced and is a favourite with super yacht owners. The Aviva super yacht is a designer’s favourite.  This yacht spells luxury and is both spacious and boasts of advanced engineering.

With the popularity of yachts increasing by the day, a number of online retail stores have come to the fore showcasing the yachts they offer that are best suited for your needs and the price you offer. However, it is always recommended to do a validity check on the websites before going on board with them.

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