boat insurance legal requirements

What are the rules regarding boat insurance in the UK?

Cruising in the inland waterways of United Kingdom is a dream come true but it is not an easy one to be so. There are several rules and regulations that the UK government requires a person to follow – several governmental procedures and documentations which you are required to fulfil before you have your dream come true. This article explains boat insurance legal requirements in the Uk, and is written in order for you to have a brief and concise idea of what the procedures are and how to go about the bush to catch the tail.

The first step you want to go about doing is securing your beloved asset against any theft, mishap, accident or fire. Getting an insurance helps you do so. It is basically a deal you make with a company in order to protect your own assets so that you do not face any financial crisis in case of any such misfortune. Getting an insurance in the state of UK can be a challenging task if one does not have a fair idea of the rules and regulations he/she needs to go about before jumping into the pool.

Some of the important boat insurance legal requirements are:

Getting a ‘third party’ insurance for at least £1 million if you have a powered boat or a houseboat.

Checking the MCA guidance if you own a small commercial boat (May Require Statutory certificates)

Also, after completing these basic procedures of getting an insurance, you should be wanting to ensure that you have a boat licence or registration for you to start cruising. There are several different options available to the person depending upon the boat size and class (commercial or personal use) for him/her to avail the insurance.

To be sure about what you need to cover as a part of the insurance of the boat is a very important aspect one needs to figure out before getting the procedure done. For this one needs to have a basic idea of the layout and constituents of their boat components such as a hull or a raft. A detailed insight of the components of the boat may not be required as it will already be carried out by the insurance agent and will help you to secure the most important aspects of your boat.

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